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Bold Prediction
Tuesday, November 5, 2002

1) Turnout will be higher than expected.

2) The Democrats will get their asses handed to them.

You heard it here first.

Great Gun Buy For Beginners
Friday, November 1, 2002

I just stopped by my local Dick's Sporting Goods and noticed an excellent deal. If you are a beginner looking for your first gun, this might be just what you are looking for.

It's called a Rossi Matched Pair - a break open, single shot, .22 rifle that comes with an auxiliary shotgun barrel in either .410 or 20 gauge. They have it on sale for 99 bucks.

Nice little gun.

Break-action guns like this are ideal for beginners; they are intrinsically safe, mechanically obvious, and easy to operate. This particular gun is especially short and light, perfect for smaller-statured people. The .22 barrel allows you to practice with inexpensive ammo that doesn't kick, and the shotgun barrel allows you to quickly convert it into a very capable home defense gun. This is exactly the gun I'd suggest for a novice, especially a female, who wanted something for self-defense that was safe and easy to use.

I have not fired it yet, but I've looked it over carefully and I'm quite pleased with it, especially considering the price. Features include:

1) Adjustable rifle sites (not bad at all) on the .22 barrel. Gold bead on the shotgun barrel. Perfectly nice trigger.

2) Barrels change without tools! Pretty slick.

3) Transfer bar hammer safety. Manual safety/hammer drop on side of receiver. External hammer.

4) Comes with a nice little carrying case and a good trigger lock.

5) Should work great with Colibri powderless .22 ammo. This special ammunition reduces the gun to about the power level of a good BB rifle, making it quiet enough to shoot safely without earmuffs and, with reasonable care, even allows you to practice indoors.

Finally, here's a very positive review of this product from Davidson's. My local store has about six left...

And please... if you are new to shooting, find yourself a knowledgable person to show you the ropes before you dive in. If none of your friends are experienced shooters, your local gunshop or the NRA can help you to find a qualifed instructor.


Note - Colibri recommends that their powderless ammunition be used only in handguns. It is perfectly safe for use in rifles, so long as you check to see that you have not left a bullet lodged in the barrel before shooting full-power ammunition! This is ordinary, safe gunhandling practice and should be followed at all times reguardless of the type of ammuntion used.

Update: Here's an excellent link from COTB:

Find A Shooting Range Near You

Feces Flinging Sock Monkey!
Monday, October 28, 2002

My mom made this for me:

...out of real socks, no less!

Now if I can only get my wife to stop refering to my web page as ""...


Teaching Our Police To Kill
Saturday, October 26, 2002

Details are still sketchy, but it looks like Russian Special Forces pulled off a miracle yesterday, storming the theater where over 600 people were held hostage and rescuing more than 500 of them unharmed. This really was a miracle, because they were facing an organized force of about 50 suicidal opponents who had fortified their positions and who had placed numerous explosives around the theater and amongst their hostages, in order to prevent exactly this sort of operation.

Reportedly, the Russians did it by first introducing some sort of anesthetic gas, intended to disable the several people who were to trigger the explosives. They then entered the area and 'liquidated' all of them as quickly as possible, probably by simply shooting them dead where they sat. (I base this assumption of the high death toll among the hostage-takers, and on the one photograph I've seen, showing several of the female enemy dead in their theater seats, looking as if they had died in their sleep).

Don't look so tough now, do ya?

Based on what I've heard, the Russian's actions were correct, heroic, necessary, and admirably done. And maybe I'm wrong about this, but there is not a police force in America who would have possibly done this.

We probably could have done it; we have some of the best-trained hostage-rescue people in the world available to us, people who are not lacking in either the skill or courage to do the job. Nonetheless, I am convinced we would not do it; we lack is the ruthlessness necessary to shoot dozens of helpless women to death in their seats, even if the women are wired with explosives and even if their deaths were both necessary and correct. What's worse, the bad guys know this, and they almost certainly consider it a weakness on our part and actively factor it in to their plans.

No one can argue the necessity for us, as a society, to adapt to change. Before 9/11, our strategy for dealing with an airplane hijacking was to not resist and to let the negotiators handle it. This was a damned good strategy, too, and it served us very well for 30 years. Nonetheless, when things changed on 9/11, we sure as shit adapted these policies in a hurry; now we expect hijackers like this to be killed instantly by security guards aboard the plane, and if worst comes to worst, for the plane and all of its passengers to be shot out of the sky.

Currently, our police are terrific at handing ordinary, pre-9/11 hostage crises, and have adapted splendidly to the challenge as it has evolved over the last many years. Their first effort is to contain the situation, stabilize it, and allow the inexorable forces of time and the inevitable futility of the attacker's situation to run the crisis down to a negotiated surrender. In those rare events when a hostage crisis evolves into the start of a mass murder, our police are also skilled at stopping the attacker with a minimum amount of force. This is exactly the right way to handle the sorts of ordinary criminals, domestic psychos, and media attention seekers who typically provoke such situations.

Unsurprisingly, we are not especially well prepared to handle an organized, suicidal army of fanatical terrorists taking hostages by the hundreds; we've never faced such a threat and have never prepared for it. We are not prepared to handle a tactical situation like the one the Russians solved so beautifully this week, and we are not prepared to order our men to shoot unconscious women in the head as they rush by.

But we'd better be.

Our situation has changed, and we need to adapt to it. We are facing a raft of new and exotic threats, which are no longer just pie-in-the-sky fantasies but which have a real likelihood of occurring in the near future. Before 9/11, nobody could imagine some general in a bunker ordering his jets to shoot down a 747 over Pennsylvania. Today, few people could imagine our police engaging in the aggressive sort of killing necessary to contain a hostage situation like the one above. I'm proud that we think of our police this way; it means they have done a good job. It means they were right for the world which we inhabited just one short year ago but now it's time, once again, to adapt.

We know how to do it. The Russians, obviously, can teach us a few things, and the Israelis are damned good at getting the job done, and much better at staying within the bounds of Western decency. It's time, right now, to get good at surviving in our new environment, and this means not only training the police, but supporting them. It's time for us, as everyday, ordinary people, to recognize the challenge that our officers face and to help them to do the right thing. Currently, we don't even allow our police to use the sort of anesthetic gas that the Russians just put to such good effect. We consider it too dangerous.

We need to be the sort of people who could watch the NYPD pull off an operation like that and cheer when it was over.

Think about it. What alternative to we have?


Please pay attention. A short quiz will follow this rant.

There is a huge story breaking in Russia right now, and for some reason the local media seems to be almost ignoring it. They won't be ignoring it for very long.

As best I can tell, a group of perhaps 50 Chechen terrorists - (one source reports ten men, and forty women!) - has taken six or seven hundred people hostage in a popular theater in Moscow. They have presumably placed explosives inside the theater to prevent the police from forcing their way in.

The Chechens who have been battling the Russians for the last many years are hardcore Islamic fanatics, and dues-paying members of the Al Queada network. One report says they have released some of their hostages - children, and those who they assumed were fellow Muslims - and have announced their intention to die during this mission. They are presumably demanding that Russia withdraw her forces from Chechnya.

As usual, Free Republic has the latest details on this story from around the world. The various wire services barely mention it.

A suicide squad holding 600 people hostage... jesus christ.

Of all the various freakazoid Al Queda types gimping around this earth, the Chechans are the ones who concern me the most. They are pricks and they are seriously hard core, not like the Arabs who just talk a good game but fold at the first sign of pressure. They seem to have inherited some of that legandary Russian toughness, and that's not good.

OK, here's the quiz. Ready?

Q: What is preventing such a thing from happening here in the U.S.?

A: Nothing. Nothing at all.


The End Of Bali
Sunday, October 13, 2002

The situation in Bali is genuinely heartbreaking. Three huge car bombs tore through hundreds of happy, drunk, harmless people, killing more than 180 of them and leaving hundreds more torn by glass, burned, and lacking all but the most basic medical care. An entire city block was destroyed.

180 Dead

180 Dead

180 Dead

The target was the tourist trade, and the Western customers upon which the Balinese economy depends. I don't imagine that the economy of this little island, by all accounts a genuinely peaceful oasis in the troubled Indonesian archipelago, will survive. Poverty, dirt, isolation, and disease will follow in the blood and fire of last night.

The Muslims who did this must be very pleased.

Bali's neighbor, Indonesia, is a hugely populous country and home to the largest number of Muslims on earth. Their Islamic population has been generally modern and peaceful, despite the civil disruption of the recent past.

Now I am told that extremists wish to establish a Taliban-like government in the area, and they want to wipe out the corrupting influence of the West. Alcohol, tourists, money... what better target? They can simultaneously punish the Infidels and cast the whole island into the sort of poverty they thrive upon, and prefer to impose on others.

To be blunt about it, our Australian friends are being ethnically cleansed from the area.

This is not because Australia gives blackhawk helicopters to the Israelis so they can kill Palestinian children with them. It's not because Australia has attacked the Muslim world with its evil plans for oil and imperialism. It's not because the bombers are freedom fighters, regaining their lost homeland from the invaders who have snatched it away.

It's because these extremists are evil, and they hate us.

They hate us for being white, and being free to drink beer and dance with our young women in public. They butcher us because they are evil, and they see the butchery as a glorification of their god. They think the place is left much cleaner and better, after we have been killed.

This is not hyperbole or even exaggeration. This is the blunt truth of what has happened here.


Update: Bali is, in fact, part of the nation of Indonesia. My mistake.

Last Minute Election Update

If you care about the internet, and want to vote for people who won't fuck it all up, read this.

You might be surprised who you should be supporting.

Now Goddamnit...

Life is just not fair.

I have to spend all day today, you know, doing my job, which kinda sucks, while some lucky bastard got to spend all day today flying a cool-ass UAV by remote control, and he gets to send a laser-guided missile straight up the ass of a wanted terrorist, blowing him and half-dozen or so of his closest friends all over the Yemeni desert.

Now, I'm sure this guy worked hard to get where he is, and he's obviously done a hell of a good job today, but goddamnit... he couldn't possibly have enjoyed that as much as I would have.

But hey, I forgive you, dude... this one's for you!

(Titties via SH)

Update: The scorch mark is cool. Move your mouse over the image to see the outline of the car!

Car Outline

And Besides...

Saying "You're kinda like John Adams" is so much nicer than saying "You are such a fucking blowhard"...

We even kinda look alike
Which Founding Father Are You?

This Is Actually Pretty Good

I seldom link to stuff like this.

Normally, anything containing the word "whereas" gets tossed the garbage immediately, and besides, let's face it... I've never been much of a joiner. (Not that there's anything wrong with that... let's just say it usually hasn't worked out so well in the past).

But this is different. I'm surprised to say that I agree completely with what this guy is saying. I also agree that it's both appropriate and important to chose sides sometimes, and that this is one of those times.

So count me in:

The Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto
The Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto

Why You Don't Fuck Around With The Russians

LGF reports that Russian security forces are going to bury the terrorists from the Moscow theater siege wrapped in pigskin.

Now that's harsh.

Seriously, rather than simply an expression of hatred, this is arguably a useful tactic. It demonstrates Russian resolve and determination, presents what may be a real barrier to future terrorist recruitment, and makes plain the seriousness with which the Russians regard this latest atrocity.

It also spits in the face of the "Don't fight em, they'll just get mad" mentality that still keeps our hands tied a year after 9/11. "Go ahead," say the Russians, "get mad. Get as mad as you possibly can."

"It won't matter".

Seems to me, that's exactly the right message to send. Of course, I'd prefer that my own country refrain from this tactic... unless, you know, it actually works...

Nose Art

F-18 Hornets, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln:

What? No Naked Chicks?

What? No Naked Chicks?

Breaking News - FedEx Truck Explodes

Something just blew a FedEx truck all to hell near St Louis, MO.

The truck was one of those big tractor-trailers. Both drivers are unhurt. It's possible that somebody was shipping some sort of prohibited material, but it's also possible that somebody was using FedEx to deliver a bomb that went off a little early.

More details as they become available.

Update: Various unconfirmed reports say the truck was involved in a traffic accident, then hit an overhead sign, ripping it apart and igniting the fuel tank.

You Make Ths Call

Beltway sniper "suspect" John Muhammed is thought to have commited two additional crimes in Tacoma, Washington - the first, the murder of a 21 year old mother in her home, and then this:

[...] a .44-caliber Magnum, was used to fire two rounds through a window at the Temple Beth El synagogue...

[...] One bullet lodged in the ark, which holds the Torah, the sacred writings of Judaism. No one was in or near the synagogue when the shots were fired [...] The revelation that the shot may have [...] been deliberately aimed at the ark in the holiest room in the synagogue, is disturbing not just to the congregation but to many Jews...

And then we have this headline from our good friends at The Boston Globe:

No role for Islam seen in killings

Well, of course not. You wouldn't want to be biased, would you?

Muhammed is also thought to have set fire to a tent full of sleeping US soldiers with a thermite grenade while serving in the Gulf, and then had the distinction of being the only resident of his homeless shelter to get calls there from his travel agent, confirming his airline reservations. Then the guy drives all the way across the country so he can shoot people in the Capitol.

Oh, and

while Muhammad was homeless he sometimes "flashed a wallet thick with currency, and showed off expensive-looking watches and gold bracelets." Hannah Parks also told the paper that Muhammad "definitely talked about how he wasn't into America" and "passed out pro-Islamic fliers on the street from time to time."

Nope. No role for Islam here. Just your ordinary, America-hating, Torah-shooting, financially independant good 'ol boy looking to make a few dollars, share his religion and indulge in an ordinary murder spree with no political overtones whatsoever.

Merry Ol' England

No kidding - these things are actually up on the streets now:

I'd prefer to  just have a gun, thanks...

Across London, these posters can be seen telling us all that we are 'Secure beneath The Watchful Eyes' of the Metropolitan Police.

Britian, if I am not mistaken, leads the world in the use of those little video cameras that allow the police to watch what you do. I've been told they are 'everywhere' in London.

Too bad their crime rate keeps going up...

(Via SD, via IP)

Beltway Sniper Updates

According to various news sources:

  1. The younger man is not the older man's stepson - he is an unrelated, 17 year old illegal immigrant from Jamaica.

  2. The INS had the 17 year old at one point, but released him in violation of their own policy. This was after 9/11.

  3. The older one had converted to Islam 17 years ago, but changed his name to "Muhammad" shortly after the 9/11 attacks. He also made repeated public statements in support of the hijackers.

  4. Their car was modified with some sort of porthole in the truck, so that they could fire from within the vehicle without being seen. This car was registered on 9/11/02.

  5. The rifle - a Bushmaster AR-15 clone (probably a 16" XM-15) - was illegally purchased. Both men were already prohibited from owning firearms.

Sniper Suspect Arrested - Here's Some Details:

The following is excerpted from the The Seattle Times, via Free Republic:

A former Fort Lewis solider and a teenager described as his stepson were arrested early today near Middletown [...] Md., in connection with the sniper shootings [...] John Allen Muhammad, 41, and John Lee Malvo, 17, were taken into custody at a rest stop on Interstate 70 about 50 miles northwest of the nation's capital.

]...] Muhammad, a Muslim convert who changed his name from John Allen Williams last year, lived in Tacoma from 1994 until 2000 and had visited there since. He was stationed at Fort Lewis in the 1980s, served in the Gulf War and was later stationed at Fort Ord, Calif. [...] Malvo[...] is a citizen of Jamaica [...].

[...] Several federal sources said Muhammad and Malvo may have been motivated by anti-American sentiments in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Both were known to speak sympathetically about the men who attacked the United States, the sources said. But neither man was believed to be associated with the al-Qaida terrorist network, sources said.

[... T]he [Beltway] sniper told investigators to look into an incident in Montgomery, Ala., [...] in which one woman was killed and another wounded near a liquor store Sept. 21. Ammunition from a .223-caliber weapon was used [...] A fingerprint lifted from a piece of paper found at the Alabama shooting scene was traced to Malvo, the official said.

Malvo - the one who left the fingerprint - is the 17 year old kid, arrested with his dad while sleeping in their car 50 miles from DC.

Here's a photo of the dad:

Seems like a friendly sort of guy

Personally, I Like The Belgian Approach

Here's an interesting link which, if nothing else, proves that America is not alone.

The Wait Is Over!

Finally available - official "Feces Flinging Monkey" brand thong underwear!

Looks better with a girl in it

Is this a great country, or what?

Now Here's Something You Don't See Every Day

Remember that guy who put on a suicide bomber's belt and blew himself up in a mall in Finland, killing six and wounding dozens?

Get this: He's White!


(via LGF)

First, a 67-year-old Swiss guy crashes his plane into the tallest building in Italy, and now this. It's almost like the whole continent is shaking off a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome...

Personally, I'm not going to write off a possible terrorist connection until after we hear something about his motivations - he struck on the anniversary of the Cole bombing, for crissake. We had a dipshit white kid in Florida (with a Syrian dad) who wrote a note glorifying Osama Bin Laden before he flew his plane into a skyscraper, too.

Oh, And They Hate Dogs, Too


CNN News is reporting that officials in Iraq are pushing to have both dogs and their owners jailed in the interests of public morality.

Extremist Muslims consider dogs, like pigs, to be unclean.

The BBC has more details.

Another Busy Weekend

The bad guys just blew up a mall in Finland (with a nail-studded suicide bomb) and simultaneously destroyed two separate tourist resorts in Bali, killing at least 60 people, many of them Australians.

The French I can understand, but Finns, Austrailians, and the Balinese? You'd almost think these jihadists were nothing more than simple savages, lashing out at anyone without strategy or even a coherent set of demands...

I guess it's time for yet another group of oppressive Westerners to look deeply into their own souls, to see why they are so hated in the little brown corners of the world.

I'll be waiting right here, just sharpening my knives and minding my own business.

Update: The Bali death toll now exceeds 180, most of them Austrailians.

None Shall Provoke Me With Impunity